Interactive whiteboard newest product

Created on:2022-12-03 23:12

1. System attributes:

Equipped with the Android 11 intelligent operating system and a unique 4K UI design, all the interface UI resolution of 4K ultra-high definition;

4-core high-performance CPU, quad-core A55 architecture, maximum support clock 1.9GHz;


2. Appearance and intelligent touch control:

Ultra-narrow edge 12mm frame design, the overall appearance of the overall (all black) frosted material;

Front disassembly type high-precision infrared touch frame, touch accuracy of ± 1mm, touch height of 3mm, support for 20-point touch control, high sensitivity;

With OPS interface, can expand dual system; two USB interface support computer and Android sharing USB function;

Front-facing Type-C interface multi-function expansion, high-definition video transmission, USB through transmission, touch through transmission, 5V / 1A power supply

(Very convenient multi-device links are simple and efficient, making meetings easier)

Front intelligent pen adsorption card slot, no screw instant adsorption, simple operation

External USB, the system automatically enters the confidentiality mode, enter the password to unlock, better protect the security of documents;

Built-in windows 4K 1200 megapixel, 8 array microphone, sound pickup distance of 10 meters, dual-system compatible with recognition, video conferencing is more convenient;

The whole machine can sense and automatically adjust the screen brightness to achieve different brightness display effect in different lighting environments