Cut full-screen movable billboard

● Ultra-thin and ultra-light design, easy to use, portable design, can be pushed by handle and casters

Full screen, beautiful appearance, flat back cover design

3840*1080 4K resolution

● High resolution, high contrast, high brightness, greatly improve the layering of the picture, and can better express the details

● Using professional-grade LCD screen, the video image is brighter and the three-dimensional effect is stronger

● 16.7M display color, the picture is more natural, and the delicate picture is truly without trailing

Fanless design, environmental protection and quietness, high reliability and good stability

Super long lifespan, up to 60,000 hours or more

Stand-alone and network systems are optional, with free CMS software

Features of the function:

●It adopts mainstream Android chips, integrated graphics processing unit, has strong video processing capabilities, and is compatible with most video formats and decoding capabilities.

●With 2G RAM+16G ROM, the performance is strong.

●Super decoding ability, support most video formats such as MPG, MPG-1/4, AVI, MP4, TS, MKV, RMVB, MP3, wma, jpeg, bmp, etc.

●Rich interface: support microSD card, USB2.0 hard disk, U disk

●Powerful digital audio amplifier, high-fidelity audio decoding, powerful 2x 5W high-fidelity speaker speakers, perfectly restore multimedia sound

Full-featured: support video and picture mixed playback, video split screen, scrolling subtitles, timing switch, USB data import and other functions.

●Easy to manage: The user-friendly playlist making software is easy to manage and control advertising playback. Play the log, easy to understand the playback situation.

●Diversified use methods: It can be released online in the background, the program can be exported from the background to a U disk for updating, or it can be produced directly on a stand-alone machine without background updating.