43 inch outdoor rechargeable billboard

43 inch outdoor reachargeable billboard

 IP 65 rain and dustproof structure design

The screen is designed with IP65 protection grade, which can prevent debris, dust and other particles in the rain and air, and can be protected from any wet weather, greatly expanding the application environment.



High temperature resistant LCD screen

Using high temperature resistant LCD screen of more than 100℃, Germany imported water glue fully fit technical scheme, to achieve high permeability, increase contrast, realistic high clear and bright realistic effect.

1500-3000 brightness IPS screen

High-brightness LCD panels are more than three times brighter than home TVs and are ideal for outdoor commercial space display.

environmental monitoring system

Outdoor environment monitoring system, display battery surface temperature and fan speed, accurate heat dissipation control, battery high temperature power off function.

 Power prompt

Can clearly display the remaining power, output current and voltage. Convenient arrangement of battery use and charging time.

 Automatic photosensitive system

Can adjust back light degree automatically according to outdoor light, avoid high bright dazzling and bottom bright is not clear problem thereby.

 Ultra long running time

Outdoor dedicated lithium iron phosphate battery, better life, more high temperature resistance, high safety factor, industrial-grade battery solutions to ensure that the display screen 15 hours of uninterrupted work.

GPR positioning system (optional)

Using GPR positioning system, mobile alarm and environment monitoring software always display