V100 Interactive whiteboard 55/65/75/85/86/98 inch optional

Product features
1. System properties:
Equipped with Android 12 intelligent operating system and unique 4K UI design, all interface UI resolutions are 4K ultra high definition;
V100 is a solution specifically designed for high-end conference interactive tablet products, using the GK6760V100 solution and equipped with an 8 core ARM Cortex-A55 CPU
2. Appearance and intelligent touch:
The frame is designed with ultra narrow three equal sides, and the overall appearance (all black) is made of frosted material;
Front detachable high-precision infrared touch frame, with a touch accuracy of ± 1mm and a touch height of 3mm, supporting 20 touch points and high sensitivity;
Equipped with OPS interface, expandable dual systems; Three USB interfaces support sharing USB functions between computers and Android;
The front three USB interfaces support dual channel sharing, with one HDMI input, one TOUCH USB, and one TYPE-C
Front intelligent pen adsorption card slot, instant adsorption without screws, simple operation
External USB, the system automatically enters confidential mode, and can only be unlocked by entering a password to better protect file security;
3. Whiteboard writing:
4K writing whiteboard, with 4K ultra high definition resolution for handwriting and delicate strokes;
High performance writing software that supports single point, multi-point, and large/small pen color changing, increasing pen tip writing effects, etc. It supports whiteboard image insertion, page addition, gesture board erasing, zooming in, zooming out, roaming, scanning and sharing, and annotations can be made in any channel or interface;
The whiteboard page has infinite scaling and can be easily revoked and restored, with no limit on the number of steps;
AG anti glare 4mm tempered glass, with a Mohs level 7 hardness for safety assurance, providing a better writing experience;
4. Conference training:
Built in WPS, welcome interface, and other efficient conference software;
Built in 2.4G/5G dual band, supporting simultaneous use of wireless internet and WIFI hotspot,;
Wireless same screen, supporting mirror control, video, music, document sharing, and other functions;
The external input signal source automatically recognizes and jumps, making screen switching easy and convenient;
5. Commercial display:
High definition image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, point-to-point precision display technology;
Intelligent all-in-one machine, compass five finger touch screen following;
Customize the startup screen, theme, and background, and the local media player supports automatic classification to meet the needs of different occasions;
The sidebar buttons, gesture calling methods, and touch control switches can be freely switched, transforming the conference machine into an advertising display machine;
Full channel output function: output real-time high-definition, stable, and low latency images to expansion devices;