311D Interactive smart board 55/65/75/86/98/110 inch

One .Product features

1. System Properties:

Equipped with the Android 11 intelligent operating system and a unique 4K UI design, all the interface UI resolution is 4K ultra-high definition;

l 311D2 Is-a solution specifically for high-end conferencing interactive tablet products, using Amlogic 311D2, solution, with Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 + Quad core CortexA53 CPU


2. Appearance and intelligent touch control:

The frame is ultra-narrow three-equal edge design, the appearance of the overall (all black) frosted material;

Front disassembly high-precision infrared touch frame, touch accuracy of ± 1mm, touch height of 3mm, support for 20-point touch control, high sensitivity;

With OPS interface, can be extended dual system;

The front three-way USB interface supports dual-channel sharing, including HDMI input, TOUCH USB, and TYPE-C

Front intelligent pen adsorption card slot, no screw instant adsorption, simple operation

External USB, the system will automatically enter the secret mode, enter the password to unlock, better protect the security of files;

Network follow, support a network cable to Andriod, OPS devices at the same time Internet;

Built-in windows 4K 1300 megapixel, 8 array microphone, sound pickup distance of 10 meters, dual system compatible recognition, video conference is more convenient;


3. White board writing:

4K writing whiteboard, writing handwriting 4K ultra high definition resolution, fine strokes;

High-performance writing software, support single point, multi-point and large and small pen color, increase the pen writing effect, support whiteboard insert pictures, add pages, gesture board, zoom in, zoom in and roaming, scanning code sharing, any channel under any interface can be annotated and other functions;

Whiteboard page without zoom, can be revoked and restored at will, unlimited number of steps;

AG anti-dazzle light tempered glass, Mohs 7 hardness, safety, better writing experience;


4. Conference training:

Built-in WPS, welcome interface, and other efficient conference software;

Built-in 2.4G / 5G dual frequency, dual network card, support wireless Internet access and WIFI hotspot use at the same time;

Wireless screen, support the mirror reverse control, video, music, document sharing, and other functions;

External input signal source automatic recognition jump, screen switching is easy and convenient;


5. Business display:

Hd image processing engine: image motion compensation, color enhancement processing, point-to-point fine display technology;

Intelligent all-in-one machine, compass three-finger touch screen to follow;

Custom boot screen, theme and background, local media player support automatic classification, to meet the needs of different occasions;

The sidebar button, gesture out mode and touch control switch free switch, let the conference machine into an advertising display machine;

Full channel output function: the real-time screen high-definition, stable, low delay output to the expansion device;